Double Eagle M85P Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle AEG

Double Eagle M85P Electric Rifle AEG

Product Description

Description A 1:1 scale replica of an actual M85 machine gun, this Double Eagle electric airsoft gun is remarkably authentic. The Double Eagle fires round plastic pellets known as BBs, which are propelled out of the gun by compressed air. The advantage of the airsoft machine gun, however, is that players can safely train, simulate, or play with the gun without fearing serious injury. The M85 looks, feels, weighs, and functions just like a real firearm, but is built for casual recreation rather than weaponized use. In fact, the only way you can typically tell a real-steel firearm from an airsoft gun is the blazing orange tip and the BBs that fire when you pull the trigger. The Double Eagle M85 is considered a low-powered electric rifle (LPEG) due to the use of a plastic gearbox (PGB), making it an ideal entry-level introduction to electric airsoft guns. The M85--which shoots up to 260 fps--includes a battery, charger, flashlight, and electronic sight for a perfect all-in-one airsoft setup. Semi-Auto/Full-Auto selectable. Fires 6mm ammo @ apprx. 260 FPS. 500 rounds per min. 50 round capacity. 7.2V 700mAh. Folding stock. Includes battery & charger, adjustable electric red cross sight, mock silencer, safety glasses, sling, airsoft tools, and a few BBs. Variable Hop-up system.

Product Features

  • Includes Laser, Red Dot, All The Accessories

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Very good buy, March 23, 2007
avid airsofter (IA USA)
This gun is great! It came well within the shipping days and worked like a charm from the moment I got it out of the box! The battery lasts a decent while, for me it goes for about 4 hours. Its overall fps is 260 and shoots about 400 bbs a minute. Its accuracy and power extend to about 80 yards, so with the scope and automatic and single shot settings, this gun is very versatile. In the hands of the right person, they could easily command the battlefield! GREAT BUY!

Great gun!, January 12, 2009
Random revewer
This is a great gun definetelly worth 40 bucks it comes with a flashlight handle scope and is supposed to come with a laser aim but i didnt get one. The magazine holds about 40 rounds so i would suggest a second one. It hits hard and is very accurate just make sure the hop up is off other wise your shots wil curve rideiculously high another cool feature is that u can connect 2 or more clips together so that u can load them more easily. All in all this gun is very good the only downside is the low round clip but it does last for a while even when its on fully automatic which for this gun is VERY fast.

best gun ever!!!!!!!!!!!, June 4, 2009
Brenda J. Barrett "Lbar11" (Salem, OR USA)
This gun is very very powerful, I shot a pop can and it shot a hole through each end. the gun is also very accurate, with 20gm. bbs you have the most accuracy, but with 12gm. it shoots farther. It is very light, which is very useful in a airsoft war. I definetly reccomend this gun to anyone!

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